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My mission is to empower and inspire modern Proverbs 31 women. Both stay-at-home moms and busy corporate mommas can create and thrive in their own online businesses while keeping their families first.Gavrielle Raphaella Jensine

I’m just a mom who is making her mess her message and trying to support her kids. I’m recently divorced and starting over in a new city. It’s tough, it’s exciting, it’s a journey to success I’m sharing here in the hopes of inspiring and empowering other mommas. There will be ups and downs, twists and turns, but through it all, honesty and (hopefully) fellowship.

I am dedicated to:

  • Sharing the absolute best, most enjoyable and effective tips, tools and techniques to empower other homeschooling families and Proverbs 31 work-in-progress women.
  • Inspiring and empowering other mommas to own their life one workout and one healthy meal at a time.
  • Blogging to support my little family.

The Meaning Name

Gavrielle is not my legal name. Like a lot of Christians and Jews, I have a Hebrew name in addition to my legal name and it’s the name I prefer to use now that I’m having to radically change my life.

  • Gavrielle = G-d is my strength.
  • Raphaella = G-d has healed me.
  • Jensine = G-d is doing good.

It’s my ultimate statement of faith.

Can I Help You?

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can ever do you. Whether you have an idea for a tutorial, need a resource suggestion, or want support in your work-at-home journey, I’m here for you.